For Over 30 Years…Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been developing and manufacturing
cable assemblies including high quality precision miniature and small cables, wire rope,
wire rope assemblies, mechanical cables, cable fittings, mil-spec cable fittings, mechanical
cable assemblies, small cable assemblies, miniature cable assemblies, stainless steel strand,
small wire rope, plastic coated cable, medical cable assemblies, pulleys, and more for a
wide range of customers and applications.  ISO 9001 Certified.
Precision Miniature and
Small Cables Stainless Steel
cable, nylon and nylon, vinyl
coated from .006.
Miniature to Small Cable
Designed to be reliable,
precise, efficient, and
Bearing Mounted Nylon
Pulleys are engineered for
use with small cables and
Push-Pull Control Assemblies
Reliable method of
transmitting motion between
two fixed points.